Cellular Restore Kit Phase 1- Chocolate

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Give your body the support it needs with the Cellular Restore Kit: Phase 1 that comes packed with Medipure DS, Opti-Pure, a FREE Cellular Restore e-Book, and a shaker bottle.


  • Cleaning out cellular inflammation*
  • Stimulating the endocrine system*
  • Improving the mitochondrial function*
  • Helps upregulate metabolism*
  • Flushing lymphatic system*

Choose the Medipure DS option that works best for you:

Caffeine Tolerance means that those who do well 3oz coffee (the amount of caffeine in a 12 oz decaf) should use our phase one 1 mocha formula with caffeine.

If you find that caffeine is making you tense and nervous and you don’t respond well to the 3 oz test or caffeine in general then you need our phase two formula vanilla wafer without caffeine.