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Borrelia Babesia Series

Borrelia Babesia 
Homeopathic Support for Tick-Borne Illness
Even the smallest of things can have big impacts - especially ticks. Often so tiny you don't realize they're on you, their bite can lead to an array of life-altering symptoms. If you can relate all too well to this scenario, give your body a dose of natural support with Borrelia Babesia from DesBio Series Therapy.

Borrelia Babesia is a homeopathic product that supports the temporary relief of symptoms related to tick-borne illness including rash, fever, chills, fatigue, migratory joint pain, memory loss, sleep problems and rapid heartbeat.

Homeopathy relies on two basic principles: 1) Like treats like, and 2) Less is more. Homeopathic medicines are made with highly diluted amounts of the offending agent to help trigger your body's own natural systems to restore balance. In this way, homeopathy works with your body instead of against it.

As part of DesBio's Series Therapy, Borrelia Babesia contains ten vials of a borrelia burgdorferi and babesia microti dilution. Each vial contains a different potency, ranging from 15 to 1000X, providing your body with a gradual and gentle system of support to address your symptoms.